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We are a start-up based in the UK that assists corporations becoming truly sustainable. Our unique offer integrates behavioural science and data analytics into our services to assess our client’s ESG status quo and produce tailor made content for their people. The original and high-quality content we are constantly developing, helps their employees realise all the opportunities they have to increase their company’s productivity whilst improving their own health and professional skills. We help companies motivate their employees to achieve sustainable goals, because only through them, a real and sustainable change can be achieved. We help our clients align their culture, policies and educational programs to their specific social, environmental and governance commitments without compromising on the financial aspects.

We help companies be ready for a future that has already arrived:

A smart investment

In October 2021, the UK government took interest in the company and granted an Innovator Visa to our CEO and founder, Luis Cuevas, as a result of submitting Rethical’s business innovative plan.

We have started business in Latin America with our subsidiary company, Brain Tonic. This company is focused on increasing the productivity of our clients by improving the emotional health of their employees. Our first client, Novartis Oncology, has taken several services from Brain Tonic that has helped them promote a cultural change and increase the productivity from their associates.

What is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

It means that you are investing in companies that support and are aligned with social and environmental responsible values. Investing in us is not just investing in a company with high potential of success, it’s investing in a business that will allow you diversify your portfolio with a green and responsible investment. Investing in Rethical will make you feel good because your investment is going to have a positive impact in a massive amount of people across the globe.

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